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Hillside Manor was built in the small town of Glenwood Iowa as a place for individuals with mental disabilities to live with assistance & care. As the years went on, stories of the paranormal began to take shape.

Doors slamming shut in empty hallways, lights turning on & off, faint music being heard from empty rooms.

These are just a few of the paranormal examples we've learned about from past employees.

These kinds of stories aren't just legend. We've witness firsthand how real they are.


Park Place

Hillside Manor was growing & needing to change in order to adjust to the amount of new residents/patients.

Therefore renovations & a property overhaul led to the name being changed to Park Place. It was this name that facility would remain under until closing.

Staff continued to operate as the times began to change.

According to the workers we've spoke to, the stories of the paranormal continued as the years went on.


Park Place had been shut down & abandoned for a number of years with no hope for restoration in sight.

The interior was something straight out of a horror film.

Walls torn out, windows missing, no plumbing or electricity.

Despite all this, it had the potential to become one of the best haunted houses in the country.

So we bought it & went to work.

And thus, Hillside House of Hell was born.

Today, Hillside House of Hell is over 50,000sqft. of pure adrenaline.

People from all over the country have visited & we've received huge praise for transforming the property into what it is today.

We have a huge passion for what we do & the work never stops.

Every year we add new scenes, attractions, improvements, & more.

We have so much planned for the future.

Stay tuned.

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