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114 Green Street     Glenwood IA

Want To Investigate

Hillside House of Hell?

Originally built in 1964 with over 50,000sqft. of area, this abandoned asylum was home to thousands of people throughout the years.

Since taking over, we've spoken with dozens of former employees who have given us hours worth of stories describing paranormal events taking place throughout the building.  As we continue to learn about the rich history of the building, we've developed an even greater appreciation for this place.


Just like the former employees, we ourselves have experienced many unexplainable things during our ongoing building phase.


Now we invite YOU to see if the stories are true. Gather the team, make the trip, and see what's stirring within the walls of Hillside.

Located in a hidden area of Glenwood Iowa, Hillside House of Hell will be accepting reservations from professional paranormal investigators VERY soon. General public inquiries will be taken later this summer. Keep checking back for updates so you can secure your spot!

Follow our social media for the latest updates including when paranormal event reservations will be up. As well as contests, backstage content, news, and more!